Offshore Welding Inspection and Certification

Does your fabrication project require conformance to AWS, API, ASME or ΝΑCE standards? Our Cyprus-based team has welding inspection experience in oil & gas, shipbuilding, and steel construction projects. We offer welding and coating inspections and oversee fabrication activities to ensure that steel structures meet the required QA/QC standards and contract specifications.

AWS welding inspection for offshore wind and offshore oil & gas projects
Welding during barge mobilization. Welding inspection by AWC CWI inspectors.

We can plan the necessary inspections and check the conformance of the final product to the relevant industry standards and contractual requirements. We also offer our service offshore with inspectors having all required certifications BOSIET, HUET, Medical, Seaman’s Book. Our inspection services include:

1. Welding inspection (AWS CWI, CSWIP)

Certified Welding Inspectors to inspect all fabrication steps including. QC inspections cover: 

2. NACE Coating Inspection 

NACE-certified paint inspectors can visually inspect and perform standard coating tests on most types of paint systems. We can also oversee, inspect and test coating repairs made by novel repair products. Our coating inspectors will measure and document:

  • Environmental conditions during painting (temperature, moisture etc).
  • Surface preparations (cleanness, paint adhesion testing, Bessel of sandblasted surfaces etc).
  • Storage and handling of paints and other material.
  • Visual inspection and DFT measurement after each paint layer.
    More about coating inspections….

3. Fabricator audits & Test Witnessing

  • Audit of fabrication facilities and evaluation the fabricator’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Our auditing is throughout and our audit reports are concise, accurate, and to the point.
  • Witnessing material testing, WPS qualifications, and welders’ performance qualification.
    More about audit and witnessing….
Cyprus welding inspection, Cyprus NDT to standards AWS, CSWIP, DNVGL, TUV, ABS
Semi-automatic welding of pipe joints followed by welding inspection and NDT

International Qualifications

Our qualified team holds certifications from the following industry bodies:

  • AWS  – American Welding Society
  • NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • ASME –  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • API – American Petroleum Institute
  • PCN – Personnel Certification in Non Destructive Testing
  • ASNT – American Society of Non-destructive Testing
  • OPITO – Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

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